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How to Write a Synthesis Essay

The definition of a synthesis essay is one that takes information from multiple sources and presents it in one place, a sort of synthesis of opinions and facts. Because of this, a lot of students hate these essays. They involve more research than your typical essay, and they also take more time to write and present properly. When you are writing one of these types of essays, there needs to be a balance between using long quotes for informing the reader and using a sparer layout with shorter paragraphs for ease of reading. When you do find that balance, your teacher will notice and reward you with a good grade.

Not all students care about the quality of their writing and just want to get it done; just pass the class even if they are 1% above failing, and usually those are the students who haven’t honed their skills because they have no desire to. Whether you want to better your writing or not, this article will help you write your synthesis essay.

How to Streamline Researching and Writing in Tandem

When you start writing first and then have to stop to look something up, it can be very annoying and interrupt your ‘flow’ of writing. On the other hand, doing all the research ahead of time can use up all of your time and you can get caught in researching instead of moving on to the writing. You want to avoid both of these situations for the best way of writing a synthesis essay. Here are some ideas:

  1. Start by doing a little bit of research to cover basic bases and get your brain in the mindset of your topic
  2. Then when you have a general knowledge of what you need to know, start writing. When you come to a spot that you need to look something up, simply drop in a note to yourself “research such and such here” and keep writing; don’t stop!
  3. Go back in after your first draft is finished and take each of those notes and look them up, revising as you go for each new fact to fit into your essay
  4. And lastly, read over the entire thing and make sure things are in their proper places and everything makes sense. When you write an essay this way, you can’t go wrong with the balance of information.