Art of Craftsmanship

Academic writing tips and guidelines

Organizing Your research paper

Students in all academic levels make mistakes when they write papers for their classes. In many cases, students usually make errors in grammar or mechanics. Sometimes they make organizational errors. Some students make mistakes in the formatting and use of citations. On a typical essay, most errors are easy to spot and quick to fix. But, when it comes to the lengthy research paper, there are more places to make errors and they are more difficult to spot. Fortunately, with a little extra up-front care, you can avoid making many of the errors that cause students to lose points on their research paper grades.

Keep Your Sources Organized

The first thing to do is to stay organized with your sources. Most students lose points in their citations and their works cited pages. Since many students now use online tools to organize their sources, there is no reason that any source or citation should be forgotten or wrongly cited. Many website will actually create your works cited entries and organize them so you simply copy and paste them into your works cited page. The sites will also show you how to properly document the source in your research paper itself. With a little extra awareness, you should be able to avoid the errors that students made before the internet existed and you could use the sites to craft these pages.

Organize Your Own Paper

Errors in organization also bring down research paper grades. When you are crafting your research paper, use a guide to help you properly organize the paper. In many cases, instructors will tell you exactly what they want in each paragraph of the paper. If your instructor will do this for you, it is in your best interest to follow the exact format your instructor provides. If your instructor does not do this, then you can look online for an organizational style that will meet the requirements for the length and type of research paper you are writing.

Use Grammar Checkers

Lastly, grammar errors can also bring down the quality of the research paper. In today’s computer-driven day, there is no reason that any student should turn in any paper with grammar errors. Word processing programs find grammar errors and if you do not trust that program, you can find many different apps that will find more grammar errors. The apps will not only find the errors, but they will suggest changes that will better your paper.