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The Effects of Respiratory Muscle Training (RMT) and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) On the Ventilatory Threshold in Young Healthy Adults

Respiratory muscle training (RMT) and high intensity interval training (HIT) are exercises good for the body in a number of ways. Such training may be done with a professional trainer or the individual can do certain movements on their own on a regular schedule. Studies have shown that doing similar exercises even under short time frames can be beneficial to the body and muscle areas. Many people claim they don’t have enough time during the day to exercise, but options such as HIT may help those get in beneficial exercise even when they have full schedules.

HIT refers to doing exercises in short bursts that include intense exercise with brief breaks in between. Researchers feel this is possible since many people multitask and perform multiple duties each day. Depending on your schedule and the type of physical activity one does on a regular basis, it may be possible to complete RMT and/or HIT. Many are advised to work with their health care physician or personal trainer to help determine safe exercises that can be completed and how will they benefit the body.

Doing a method such as HIT may not be beneficial for everyone depending on age, physical health and ability to perform exercise regularly, even for short periods of time. Exercise of this nature is known to be beneficial by helping improve muscles and encourage fuel and oxygen to mover throughout the body. Such exercises may be helpful in reducing risks of diabetes, heart attack and stroke. Muscles obtain more oxygen that help the body be able to do more tasks during the day in an efficient manner. In a way, many feel the body is producing more energy in a natural matter.

Such energy production is helpful for other areas of the body include waste removal, heart health, and improved breathing techniques. This may help more people get in exercise if they are not able to perform traditional exercise workouts. While researchers claim HIT has advantages and shows promising results in helping people obtain exercise that benefits upper and lower body strength, they are still perplexed as to why such movements are successful. Many feel it is similarly to completing endurance training except less time would be needed but you still obtain similar results.