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The Cask of Amontillado short story summary

The following story is told in a first person point of view, where the readers are unable to know the name of the narrator, until in the last pages of the book. The story revolves around two friends who happen to have shared a bad history. The reader is presented with the first situation where Montresor who is the narrator of the story complains about Fortunato’s insults. It appears that the narrator has put up with Fortunato’s offenses for too long until the day he decides to act. It is at this point that he hatches a plan to revenge all the hurt Fortunato had brought into his life.

The plotline begins with the narrator agreeing to meet Fortunato who is seen completely dressed for a carnival event. At the time, Fortunato is already intoxicated but the narrator remarks that he has discovered a large barrel of wine named Amontillado. With eager curiosity Fortunato decides to taste this rare wine, unknown to him that he is already fulfilling his friend’s plot to eliminate him.

Soon they descend into an underground graveyard also referred to as a catacomb, where the narrator’s family stores exotic drinks. Eventually, as the two continue to walk deeper into the catacomb, the narrator continues to get his friend drunk until they arrive at the inner sections of the crypts. Later, Fortunato gets so drunk that he begins to cough. At this point, the narrator suggests ironically that Fortunato must be getting sick due to the damp conditions that are associated with the catacomb. However, all Fortunato could be heard saying is that he wanted more of the Amontillado wine.

At last, the narrator gets his break when Fortunato accidentally walks into a man-sized opening in the walls of the catacomb. Here the narrator rushes to chain his friend to the wall and then proceeds to put bricks in the hole in order to bury him alive. At some point in the confusion, Fortunato is seen pleading for his life but the narrator ignores his cries. Finally, the narrator finishes the job and leaves his friend to die in the crypts.

The reader is brought to understand that indeed the narrator has so far succeeded in his revenge against Fortunato, and at the same time he has gone way with murder. The narrator finishes by stating that the story happened 50 years ago.