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Who can provide You with a good Essay Sample?

One can find essay samples from many sources:

  1. Online sources- the internet is the source of many things, and essay samples are one of them. Finding essay samples online is not the hardest thing to do, but the problem is the credibility of the sources. Anyone can claim to have samples that students can trust, but people should not make the mistake of trusting just anyone. Many people take advantage of the anonymity of the internet to make quick money from unsuspecting customers. The free samples that are found all over the internet should not be trusted easily, as one does not know the true purpose of the website or how they benefit from the association. Those that are somewhat trustworthy are those that provide essay samples to those individuals who give their own samples to the site. The flip side of the cost coin is that one can invest too much in buying an essay sample only to find that it was not worth it.
  2. Peers- if the person looking for an essay sample is truly stuck then there are individuals who can provide them with samples. Working with actual people whom one knows or has made an acquaintance with is good because it reduces the possibility of being conned. If the person looking for the sample is a student then they can look for that classmate that is a good writer and have them help with the essay. Some people, however, prefer the anonymous nature of the internet to dealing with someone in the flesh for fear of ridicule.
  3. Teachers or instructors can also be a good source of samples. The instructor knows what to expect, most likely knows the writing levels of the student and what exactly they need to do to excel. Furthermore, they have experience having taught many other students.
  4. Librarians- not many people realize it but librarians are a good source of academic information. If one can strike a friendship with a librarian then they are almost guaranteed whatever information they need from libraries. They know where the gems are hidden in the library, and because not many students involve them in their searches, they do not bother to help, doing only the bare minimum. They are a bottomless resource that people seem to have forgotten how to tap.

These are just but few sources of essay samples, and if one can find a way of using one or more of them, they are guaranteed good samples and advice.