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Academic writing tips and guidelines

Writing School Essay on Popular Topics

A school essay can be anything from a low level high school report to a university academic paper. There are tips and tricks you can use to write this essay, no matter what grade level you’re in or who you’re writing for. This article is going to explore how to write an essay with a popular topic: how to choose which topic, creating your outline, doing any necessary research, writing the essay, editing and proofreading, and making the essay the way your teacher wants.

Essay Writing Tips

To start, get out your instructions from the teacher and read them carefully. These are your guidelines to an A+ grade. As long as you can mentally check off every item your teacher requires to have in the essay, you should get a very good mark. Even for students who aren’t that good at writing, using this tip will get you through school with as much of a mark as you can get.

Another way to write a good essay is using an outline. I think every student should, for every essay they have to write. Think of an outline as a wooden child’s puzzle that has pieces you take out and put into the correct holes on the board. Without that board, even if you have all the pieces, you’d never put them in the right order or right side up, and everything would be confusing. An outline is the backbone of your essay and will make everything structured beautifully.

Choosing a Popular Topic for your Essay

When you want to do a topic that a lot of other people have already done, you need to find a fresh angle or some other way of making it unique for your essay. You can do this by a little brainstorming. Pretend your topic is about obesity; you can think about not just people’s diet and exercise in their daily lives, but span out other countries or time periods, think about genetics and family history, or you could even mention occupation and personality.

Looking up other essays by past students in your class as well as essays online will help tell you what’s been done to death and what has room for another essay. You’ll probably find a good idea while you’re reading of a particular topic within your popular topic that you can talk about. Ask your teacher about your topic idea if you aren’t sure.