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Traditional Education vs. Technological Education

One of the biggest problems of society today is that our educational system is woefully out of date. Not only is it not preparing kids to participate in the world today, there is no chance they will have the skills they need to participate in the world of tomorrow. It is estimated that the jobs that will be available in ten years haven’t even been created yet and that means that in order to be trained to do these the education system has to change their educational paradigm in order to create a situation for success for each of the valuable students that attend the classes each and every day.

Value of Technological Education

Since it is agreed that technology is going to continue to grow there isn’t going to be a way to keep up with it by following an educational system that has been developed in the 1950’s. There is no way that a traditional education can provide the skills needed to grow in a manner that students need to in order to gain success. A technological education can change the playing field and allow all students to gain more confidence and understanding about the affects of technology. This should involve all of the students in all sorts of different jobs, in everything from computer development and programming to video creation and website building. There is no telling what the technology of the future is going to include but each person can be assisted with the ability to think logically about the future. By having the ability to adapt to changes then people will be able to handle any technology that comes down the road in the future.

Failure of Traditional Education Indoctrination

The biggest failure of traditional education is that fact that the desired result of the process is to create a bunch of people that all think exactly the same way. These lemmings were supposed to be produced in order to become good consumers and producers but have very little to do with actual thought. This model served the United States pretty well during the post World War II era, but as the 1960’s dawned and it was clear that not thinking led to military conflict, many people started to think on their own.

Thinking on your own is frowned upon, even today in schools across the country. If you think differently then you are told in every manner, from your grades to behavioral modification that you are wrong. This would never be the case of an education. It could only be true of an indoctrination. The further we get away from indoctrinating children the better off we will be.