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Is it Reliable to Buy Papers from Online Writing Services?

More students than ever before are juggling too many different time constraints to handle their coursework, which often leads to them wondering about ordering papers from online services. There are several risks to take into consideration if you decide to go this route. Here are the most important ones to watch out for.


This one is the most dangerous to your academic career, but easily avoidable. Make sure the service you use is a custom writing service and not an essay reseller. If your service writes each paper and assignment from scratch, you should have no problems here—even if your professor suspects something, they won’t pursue it without proof. However, it’s critical that you know your paper was written as an original just for your order.


Make sure your service employs competent writers that are native English speakers. Some students get greedy and go for services that are unreasonably cheap—that leads to receiving a paper written by someone in a developing country without a full command of the English language, and it probably won’t even be worth trying to turn in. Request writing samples and if possible correspond with the writer assigned to your paper in order to make your own assessment of their skills. Also, ensure that they understand the importance of following academic writing style guides and the like.


Scams are common but they’re relatively easy to avoid because there are plenty of reputable writing companies that have remained in business for several years. Scams will simply take your money and disappear, or even steal your credit card information. To avoid this, only use the services of a company which has been in business for some time. They won’t want to risk their reputation by scamming you.


Obviously, not every company out there purporting to be a custom writing service is a great choice. But now that there’s a strong market established for custom written assignments, you don’t have to worry too much about reliability, as long as you follow some simple tips.

  • You get what you pay for—if the price is just unbelievably low, it’s probably not worth your time.
  • Avoid brand new companies or those without a researchable history.
  • Confirm that the writer working on your assignment has the skill and experience to do so before you commit to it.