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Prenatal Testing 

Finding out that you are having a baby is probably one of the happiest moments in life. The prospect of bringing a new life into the world that you will nurture and will carry on your DNA into the future is very exciting. However there are many issues that come along with it. On the surface most parents just want their baby to be born healthy. But with the rise of technology there are opportunities to provide prenatal tests that do much more than this. There are a lot of conflicting morals involved in these types of tests, but do the benefits outweigh the negatives?

Positives of Testing

The prenatal testing that is done today is most often going to give an overall health picture of the soon to be born child. This will let you know if the fetus is developing well or if there are some obvious medical issues coming your way. For example, if parents can find out the health of their children, and the chances of being born with a defect or disease like autism or Down Syndrome then the parent can prepare to provide the highest quality of life for their children that they can. Each parent has the right to know all that they can about the health of their fetus they are going to give life to.

Negatives of Prenatal Testing

There are some pretty obvious problems that prenatal testing can cause. If a test is done e3aryly enough and a physical abnormality is detected then that could influence a decision to abort that fetus and end a life that otherwise would have had a chance to experience life otherwise. When this decision is made to make the lives of the parents easier, then there is a problem with that. Who is to say what kind of life that child would have had?

This leads to many other problems as well, when you start to look at the movement in technology. There will be an opportunity for parents to become much more proactive in development of the fetus. What if the eye color, hair color or other factors or the child’s development is going to be? Where do the ethics of natural selection take over? A simple fact like being able to determine the sex of your child is going to have a significant impact on some couples and the resulting fetus.


Prenatal testing can provide some important information about the health of an unborn baby and allows for parents to be aware of what is going to happen. This also opens the door for abuse of this power and could lead to harm coming to that fetus. In the end, used as a diagnostic makes prenatal testing seem like a good thing and when that information is used to dictate or harm the future of that life experience then it should be avoided.