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Academic Writing Prompts: Reflective Article

The best way to improve your writing skill in producing reports and essays is to continue to do it. In the old parlance practice makes perfect. But when it comes to reflective writing, here you are thinking critically and constantly analysing the way your writing work is progressing.

There are always the basics which apply to all forms of academic writing including reflective articles, and these basics seemingly will remain in place forever. We start with the basic idea.

You need to generate an initial hypothesis, a rough idea, a theme that you will develop. Having created this theme you must then find evidence to support your point of view. With a list of the evidence, you need to expand on this and as a result you will put forward an argument which is the basis of your effective writing.

It is an ongoing task

Constant and disciplined reflection upon your academic writing is a must. It is a characteristic of this form of prose. As with all aspects of writing, the more you concentrate on this aspect the better you become at it. Once you know the components of your writing, your ability to assess your progress in line with the formula you are to follow, is the best, and many would argue the only way, to produce the ideal result.

Writing prompts are everywhere

It does not matter which particular aspect of your academic writing you are currently working on, you need to stimulate your imagination and even kick start your writing project. Selecting the ideal writing prompts becomes an art form and you become more skilled at this the more writing you create. Be on the lookout for sources, particularly online, which freely offer academic writing prompts. In some sources there are dozens of relevant writing prompts. Experienced writers with blogs on this subject are ideal.

One of the main benefits in any form of reflective writing, is that the ideal writing prompt will help you develop the habit of writing. It is there to trick your mind into becoming active. If ever you need inspiration, then the ideal academic writing prompts are waiting for your call.

You need to think about your writing ability as you would the fitness of your body to perform in a race. You can fine-tune your mind and thus your writing ability with the sensible and selective use of academic writing prompts. You'll find your reflective writing will improve and continue to do so by following these ideas.