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Good Cause And Effect Essay Topics: How To Excel In Paper Writing

A cause and effect essay, is where the author writes about the why and what of a topic. Why did this happen? What happened after this was done? The first being the ‘cause’ and the second being the effect. In a cause and effect essay, the writer is looking to explain or analyze an action or effect.

If the writer is doing a ‘cause’ essay, then they need to explain what caused, and analyze how it came to be. To do this the author needs to break down what happened before the ‘effect’. Why is Cancer increasing? Why is pollution increasing in areas that usually did not have that level? How did The Shuttle Columbia Explode? Take the Red River Flood through Texas and Louisiana in 1989. Ok it is known about the flooding and the damage, but in this how did it happen? To explain why the Red River flooded in 1989, the author would have to find a starting point. So to start with the exceptionally heavy rains, to the late release of the water from the Dam. Why did the rain have an effect on this? How did the late releases add to it? And why was the dam opened late? These would be major points to cover. So on this type of essay, the reader would already know about the flood; but might not know why it happened.

On an ‘effect’ essay, the cause is already known, but the effect has to be explained. How did this medication affect the patient? How does ethnocentrism affect the world today? How does the media promotion of the global warming theory affect the world?

On this style, the ‘effect’ essay, the writer is looking to answer the question “what”. So taking the global warming issue, it could be explained how the media is pushing people from looking at historical facts to take modern formulations. Or it could be done to show how it is promoting third world countries to develop more industry with less regulation. Or if the writer is pro, they could write how it is developing industry in third world countries, and decreasing pollution in Industrial Countries, or providing tools to save the planet.

Always remember when writing a cause or effect essay, the answer is likely going to be more than one. The thing here is not to cover them all, but for the author to find what they think are the most important points. Then cover as many as they can effectively based on the size of the essay. An example would be on a five-hundred word essay, cover about two to three points. This will give enough room to cover the points in a good informative essay. If the author figures one paragraph to open, then one to two paragraphs for each point, then one paragraph to close they will be very close.