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Are Online Essay Writing Services illegal?

Hotly contested topic

The topic of custom essays from the net has become hotly contested in the recent past. Many in the field of academics consider the use of custom made papers illegal and cheating. But the reality is that it is not expressly illegal, and the only thing that matters is how the writer chooses to use the essay afterward. Some of the biggest essays writing services often have the disclaimer that they are not responsible for how the customer uses their works after they are done with it. This provides a grey area in the legality debate about custom essays.

Moral debate

For some students who do not come from countries or cultures that do not speak English as a first language, studies might sometimes be difficult. This is one of the justifications that companies that do online writing have for their services. They claim that in some cases students find it hard to understand lectures, the lecturers themselves or the questions they are given. They therefore pass the task over to essay writers who help them out in areas where they are not sure. These are normally individuals who have passed through the very same systems and so know what to expect of them. The sites and the services they provide are not illegal as such, but they provide a difficult moral debate. Although some are of great help, the fact that the work is not the student’s is a problem.

Helping students cheat

In some cases, academic writing sites have been accused of helping students that are poor to cheat in their exams. Many of these sites receive the instructions directly as they are given in class, and work on the papers just as the students would. In this case, the instructors think that the students understand what they teach while in actual sense they use essay writing services. These online services have ways of checking the validity of the paper such that when the customer receives it, it is void of all errors.


This is an area taken seriously in the academic world, and is one where many of the academic writing websites come short. They are not illegal, but in some cases have plagiarized work. Some students who use these services have landed themselves in trouble with authorities when they find that their work contains plagiarized text. This seems to be the catch that academicians are using to control the influence of online writing sites.