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Narrative Essay: how to Engage Readers

Every type of writing calls for thorough preparation on the subject matter. Just as well, achieving the targeted goal of the essay will depend highly on how best the essay is structured. This helps the readers to be able to grasp the theme as well as the information being delivered. As such without having the right guidelines and structure, achieving this may be difficult. Narrative essays are no exception. This is a type of a story telling easy. However, this essay is meant to present certain information concerning a given art of literature or even explaining it. Therefore, it should have body paragraphs and a conclusion.

However, what matters in this kind of writing is whether you are able to engage your readers well throughout the read. Outlined here are some of the things that you should consider in a narrative essay to ensure that you capture the attention of the targeted audience.

Develop a story line

To begin with is the story line. A plot acts as the building brick of any narrative essay. The ideas that you bring forth should link with one another chronologically. Before you start on the actual writing, it is advisable that you take some time t brainstorm on different ideas. This helps you to give the essay your best while you start the actual writing.

Do you have a setting?

Develop a setting for all your events. This serves as the place where the story begins. A short description of the setting will go a long way to capturing the reader’s attention. Therefore use as many descriptive words, metaphors as possible.

Describe your characters

The characters that you include in the narrative have significance to the whole essay. Too many characters in as short story are not advised. Describing the characters naturally helps the reader to build an impression of the characters in your story.

The development of the plot is what matters in a narrative essay. Description of the character’s actions and every scenario makes the plot lively. The unfolding of the plot is a key thing in narrative essays as it makes the readers visualize on the activities therein.

How do you then finish your narrative? Wrapping up the storyline of each character is not necessary. In addition details of what happened to the characters should be left for the readers to guess. However, make sure that you leave your readers wanting the essay to continue.