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How Performance Drugs Are Bad

Performance drugs are most widely talked about topic in the world today, especially when it comes to athletes and people involved in productive activities. These drugs are commonly known as PEDs (performance enhancing drugs). People who use these drugs to enhance their performance consider it legitimate as it helps in improving their concentration level. However from a social and ethical perspective they possess harmful threats to the user himself and those who compete him.

There are many kinds of performance enhancing drugs yet the most commonly used are steroids that build muscle mass to help increase the speed, reaction time, throwing and jumping ability. Using such drugs is morally and ethically wrong and is even illegal in most parts of the world. Especially when it comes to sports many athletes and players have been suspended or banned from playing for the rest of their lives if the use of such drugs is identified. According to the statistics in 2008 4-12% of high school students were found to use the Performance drugs. Even the best athletes like Lance Armstrong, Mark McGwire, Manny Ramirez and Jose Canseco were caught using the performance drugs. This not only led in their suspension but they also lost the respect they had gained over years of their sports career. Individuals involved in performing and literary arts may also use performance drugs like marijuana and weed which helps in increasing their concentration level and lets them think well. These drugs not only harm the user in the long run but are also considered cheating as it gives an illegal advantage over other individuals who are competing against them. Like any other stance there are people who encourage and support the use of performance drugs as there will be a couple of super athletes and individuals who would be dominating the specific professions they are in. Well there is no doubt about it, they would certainly dominate the professions they are in but the effects will be prodigious.

Performance drugs are used to increase an individual’s performance but their use is illegal and harmful both. It can have numerous physical harms and is even considered cheating as it will give the user an illegal advantage over others who compete with him. Some people are of the view that the use of such drugs can be interesting and there will be a lot of super individuals who will excel in every field of life. However cheating is a cowardly act and should not be practiced.