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How can we assess Children with Disability?

Children having disabilities were excluded from taking many assessments, tests or examinations which were present for open merit or general students. Recently it was decided to include students with disabilities in general assessments and they are required to fulfill criteria for a certain job or admission in the same way as general students are required to do so. This essay represents some of highlighted points in new rules and regulations and some steps in order to improve the problem which is how to assess children with disabilities? Proper identification of disabilities on local and state level are also discussed in this essay.

This decision is made due to some issues/problems which were raised when there was relaxation available for students having disabilities. Problems faced by state government or institutions which were responsible in such cases included: identification and classification of a specific disability, relationship of that disability to requirements and conditions of institution and steps or procedure which were to taken in order to counter such disabilities of students. Moreover affects of certain disabilities on children cannot be generalized. As an example child having a certain disability might behave differently from child having same disability in South America (Koretz, 2003). Standards need to be defined when addressing this problem.

Laws regarding identification and classification of disabilities and assistance that should be provided to children with disabilities vary from state to state in entire country. This variance or differences in mentioned policies are also reflected in the policies that are implemented in respective states. A main reason for this difference is the fact that certain disabilities have different impacts on the performance of individual children. Policy makers may have general information but mostly they lack in identification of problems with individual students. However if it is required to provide assistance to individual students teacher present at local schools play an important role. Accommodations required on individual levels should be determined by mutual understanding of teachers at school and state government.

As a conclusion there is an urgent need to evaluate to measure diverse effects of certain disabilities and polices regarding them made on local and state level on the capabilities of children having disabilities. Solid arguments are made for accommodations offered by authorities to children having disabilities both in favor and against problem statement which is how to assess children with disabilities? In order to have fruitful results from such measurements diversity between educational contexts, types of children and assessments systems available should be considered. Proper understanding of mentioned factors can yield positive results both for children and states.