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High school essays: topics that your teacher might not like

Writing an essay as a high school student has its challenges. In many cases, at least you can choose your own topic to write about. You have the control in making the assignment more enjoyable, except you may have concerns about your choice in topic selection. After all, being able to choose what you want to write may help encourage you to complete the assignment. But, what about when you want to write about something your teacher may find inappropriate, offensive, or less interesting? Should you still write about it?

Choosing Something You Want to Write About

When you can select your topic you should consider something you have an interest in. It should be something relevant to the subject matter and it should be something you feel comfortable researching and writing about. Such assignments are given to help students improve their writing abilities while presenting their findings to their teacher for grade review. But, there may be a few things to keep in mind to help you determine if your topic is something your teacher would want to read.

Sticking to Assignment Guidelines

To help understand whether your topic is something you can complete, you should review guidelines and instructions presented to you by your teacher. You may also want to review any topic ideas with your teacher to make sure you are on the write page. Some topic ideas may be considered too inappropriate for a school setting. Your teacher may suggest something else based on information you provide. If you feel you can’t talk to your teacher about a potential idea, chances are they may not like it anyway or deem it to be too inappropriate.

Potential Topics that May Pose Concern

If you think your topic may be something your teacher may not like, you may want to review the following list to get some insight on whether you should present your topic to your teacher:

  • Why students like to dance inappropriately at school dance events.
  • Reasons why students may think it is okay to copy someone else’s work.
  • When students think homework assignments are pointless.
  • When teasing peers is considered cool instead of wrong.
  • Drug paraphernalia students have experimented with in high school.
  • Why some students think it is okay to carry a weapon to school.
  • Gang violence: Is it cool to be affiliated with a gang and why?
  • When a high school student decides to become sexually active.