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Conflicts between energy policy and environmental policy

In the world of politics it is quite hard to make a decision that will suit everybody, compromises have to be found. This is especially true in such situations when decisions in one area can immediately become controversial with the decisions, made earlier in other area, for example in energy and environment. In such cases, when the aspects of one area can seriously influence the other one or even damage the years worth of work, professionals from both areas have to work together to decrease the potential bilateral damage.

First of all, the energy branch is the one that influences the environment in the most serious negative way. The method of getting energy decides if a severe damage to the nature can be avoided. Several decades ago the problem of Eco-friendly sources of energy was not paid enough attention to. People tended to use sources that are the easiest and the most productive, disregarding the fact that in result of not thinking about the environment damage, caused to the nature will become almost irreversible.

Such in some cases irresponsible behavior can cause serious problems to the next generations or even to ours. As a result of incautious energetic behavior we now have the greenhouse effect and global warming, which can perform a serious danger to all the living organisms on our planet. However, studies of the past few years show that the greenhouse effect has decreased for a few percent thanks to the decreasing air pollution. This is what can be done if people start working together and looking for solutions that suit everyone.

This problem can be applied even to the households of common people. What we usually do not even think about can make a big difference to our planet. When delivering power to homes, we often need to make a choice between the comfort and environment. Energy departments usually tend to make lives of common people as easy as possible, often forgetting to think about the planet and future generations. With clever usage of energy and application of modern energy saving technologies in households up to 40% of it can be saved.

In our globalized world such global problems, as environmental protection cannot only be taken into consideration by one department or Ministry. Everybody shall do everything possible to contribute into keeping our planet in the best possible condition. Therefore, even the areas who naturally have their controversies, need to join forces on this uneasy way.