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"Do My Essay For Me" Requests

Writing services for hire started popping up on the internet years ago. These writing services have been applauded and criticized. There seems to be two distinct opinions about the ethics of using online essay writing services.

They benefit two groups of people. The most obvious group is the students who hire the writers. The second group benefiting from this mutual arrangement is the writers who find an outlet for their creativity and talent, and get paid for doing it.

Online essay writing services – a little background

Several years ago, students discovered that they could hire writers at online essay writing services to write their academic essays. This practice caught on quite quickly in several countries around the globe. In fact, it was enough to spark a debate as to whether or not it was ethical for students to use paid writers to write their essays for them.

For many years it has been an accepted practice for students to hire editors for their academic papers, especially theses and dissertations. Yet the leap to hired writers struck a rift in academia. Behind the lines, the irony exists. There are professors being hired to write students’ dissertations. The very people who would have been found opposed to the practice.

Why do students inquire about essay writing services?

Writing essays can take a lot of time out of a student’s schedule. Some courses assign several essays throughout the year, adding a lot of stress to a student. “Who can do my essay for me?” is an age-old question; the internet has come to the rescue of the frazzled student.

Who benefits from essay-writing services?

An essay writing company joins those who don’t want to write with those who do. That’s a simplistic definition; many students do want to write – they just don’t do it well. They need help. Traditionally, help was given by a teacher, friend or fellow-student. People just don’t seem to have the time anymore to volunteer their help to a struggling essay-writer.

This unfilled need found a source of fulfillment through online writers willing to extend a helping hand in exchange for a payment. It has caught on like wildfire. There are thousands of companies online waiting for students to order essays, personal statements, theses, dissertations and all other types of papers, academic, business or personal.

Will students ever cease to inquire about help for essay writing? Probably not.