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Writing A College Essay: Introduction And Body Part

The introduction and body part of an essay each offer the reader something different and interesting. They each have a unique purpose, but they should be written in a way that helps each part complement one another. The introduction helps introduce your topic and the body provides more details behind the introduction. Once you understand what each part includes and what should be mentioned, you will find it easier to write each section.

What is the Introduction and What Should Be Included?

The introduction introduces the topic to the reading audience. This includes the essay purpose or main idea (thesis) along with other information that helps set the tone for the rest of the essay. This portion provides brief background surrounding the main idea. You may include a fact, statistic, or quote to start your intro to make it more interesting and hook the reader in the beginning. You should have a good idea what your topic is about and what you want people to know early in the essay.

What is Included in the Body Part of an Essay?

The body part of the essay includes main points that support the main idea or thesis. Depending on how many points you may have this determines the number of paragraphs your body may be made up of. For instance, if you have three supporting points to mention, each point would be detailed in one paragraph. Each paragraph should transition into the next and provide detailed explanations explaining their relationship to the main idea or purpose. Each paragraph may follow a specific format to help connect details from one to another.

Additional Details to Review about Your Essay

When you write your essay you should consider completing a rough draft. You can review your details and make sure they appear in the section of the page you want them. Consider logic reasoning and details of how your message will come across to the reading audience. As you write your essay you don’t have to write it in order. You can work on whichever part you want based on details you want to add. After completing a rough draft you can go back over your content and revise it. This means to double check sentences for clarity and make sure details are presented clearly. Consider writing style (tone) of the essay, word usage, and grammar.