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A List of Great Hints: How to Write a Good Scholarship Essay

Finally, you have found a scholarship and it is high time to do your best and win it. In the case, when there are a lot of applicants for this scholarship, it is extremely difficult to make your application unique. Nothing is impossible, and the main point here is to show your own individuality, your passion, personal thoughts and ideas. Though every person may have their own plan on how to impress judges, there is also a list of important hints that will help you make a good essay.

  1. You should do some research and find out as much as possible about organizations that give scholarships and former participants. Are these organizations interested more in grades or in public activity?
  2. Read and understand the key theme of an essay. It is essential to properly understand the meaning of the theme in order to create a message that can be tracked throughout the whole essay. As a rule, the major theme is just a cover and judges want you to answer a real question that can be read between lines, and prove that you are the right person for this scholarship.
  3. You should not underestimate a good introduction. Do not use standard phrases and try to make the beginning of the essay out-of-the-box. You may use a strong quote or a saying you like.
  4. Make your text personal by sharing some aspects of your life; for example, tell about an event that has dramatically changed your life, etc.
  5. Stick to the point and follow the instructions. It is very easy to get lost while writing the essay. To avoid any random ideas and out of place thoughts, you should make an outline of your text.
  6. Write catching conclusions – do not just paraphrase what has been said in the essay. Explain why your thoughts and point of view are important.
  7. Finally, check and re-check your essay for grammatical and spelling errors, and try not to use any contractions and slang words, such as “isn’t”, “doesn’t” or “wanna”. You may find an editor who will look through the text and help correct some mistakes. It can be your teacher or best friend. And one more thing: do not hurry up to submit the first draft of the paper. Leave it for a while and only then read the text once more – you will definitely do some improvements.