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How to Write an Argumentative Synthesis Essay

Synthesizing is used to explain or to persuade someone of something. In this type of essay, you are using not only your own views and opinions, but also your analysis of the evidence and reasons of other authors who have studied the same thing and written about it. When you have this type of essay due in a class, it can be hard to focus on it. Most students struggle with essay writing, and particularly a format as complex and specific as the argumentative synthesis essay, can really frustrate a student to the point of unnecessary stress. Writing this kind of essay involves systematic organization and preparation to make it a success. Keep reading for a few tips on how to achieve a good mark on this type of essay:

  • Make sure that before you start writing, you have a plan of how you wish to present the topic at hand, your position on it, and how you will back up your ideas with the results and the opinions of others.
  • When using a reference or source, make sure that you are able to locate the main idea or thesis in each work or piece of writing.
  • Take note of subtopics and other perspectives brought into the other authors’ works. This will help you find a common ground between them and solidify your writing from the foundation up.
  • Develop your thesis statement that sums up your position on the topic as well as what you think contributed to or is a product of it.
  • Once you are in the thick of things, as you come across each spot where you’d like to insert a quote or part of a source, remember what you wrote down about the thesis or main idea of each source; exploit that and use it to further support where you are coming from.

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