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5 Great Ways To Start An Essay

The hook (usually the first sentence of your introduction) can make or break an essay. The best way to ensure that your readers will be interested enough to keep reading is to make an intriguing, powerful opener. This isn’t always easy, especially if you’re writing on a fairly strict topic. Still, there are ways to start you essay with a bang—something that will make your readers want to know more about the topic you’ve chosen. Here are some excellent ways to start an essay, especially if you’re at liberty to choose the subject you want.

Use a surprising statistic

It’s said that the human eye is always attracted to large numbers. That could be the main reason why an unexpected statistic is more likely to grab a reader’s attention at the start of an essay and keep them invested in the remainder of the composition. However, in order for this to prove successful, you need to know the exact number you’re using; be as specific as you can. Don’t say “many” when you can substitute 1,000 in.

Start by asking a question

Another good way to begin an essay is by asking a question that demands your reader think critically in order to answer it, or at least understand their own position on the proposition. Humans have a natural instinct to try and answer questions presented to them, and this can help keep your readers invested in the paper.

Use a short narrative excerpt

Most people love hearing and reading stories, so starting you essay with one is a strong option. This is especially so if the narrative is relative to the subject in some way. Try to be as descriptive as you can so that your reader can get a strong mental picture of what; it makes it much easier for the reader to follow and understand the whole story.

Use a controversial opening

Controversy can be exciting sometimes. It takes something that might be seen as bland and boring and turns it into this spicy new dish. Be very careful when using this method. It’s what some would consider a high risk, high reward opener.

Use a famous quote

There are certain quotes that exist that simply move people. They stir people emotionally because they mirror their beliefs. Try to find a quote that does this but is also relevant to the paper.