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3 Tips for Writing an Expository Essay

The difference between an expository essay and any other type of essay is that this one is based off of facts only; no opinions. You can talk all about things that actually happened as long as there is no speculation or hearsay. Because of this, an expository essay relies heavily upon research and you need to make sure that you plan accordingly. Think of the time that you have left before the due date for this essay and split it up into sections of which part of the essay you will do on which day. Here are a list of the tasks you might need to do and plan for in your scheduling:

  • The initial preparation such as outlining, organizing notes and instructions
  • Preparing a proposal, if required
  • Researching and cataloguing your research
  • Writing the first draft and incorporating your research into the outline
  • Double checking facts, figures and statistics
  • Editing your first draft
  • Creating a cover page, if required
  • Finalizing edits and polishing finished essay

How to Plan Out Your Essay

There are three tips that you can use to plan for writing your essay, doing the above steps and getting it done on time. The first one is multitasking. For example, if you only have time for lunch in between classes, do some research while your burgers are grilling or while the soup is warming up. Jot down a few sentences for your first argument paragraph during your break at your part time job. Any spare few minutes will add up and help you. Second, you can brainstorm with a friend. This is particularly helpful because two brains can figure out more than twice as many problems as one brain. Talk to someone in your class doing the same essay or to someone who has written an expository essay before.

Third and lastly, make sure you can focus. If you have a chunk of time to work and your roommate is playing music in the next room, have her turn it down, or off. If you can’t find a quiet environment at home, go to the public library or even to an empty classroom or study room at you school. This will help you do more work in less time, which is the ultimate goal. Expository essays can take longer because they require so much research, but when you plan it out, it can be rewarding.